Module Serde_postgres

module Row_description : sig ... end
val let* : ('a, 'b) Stdlib.result -> ('a -> ('c, 'b) Stdlib.result) -> ('c, 'b) Stdlib.result
val string_of_char_list : char list -> string
module Postgres : sig ... end
module Deserializer : sig ... end
val of_bytes : 'a Serde.De.t -> bytes -> ('b, Serde.error) Stdlib.result

Deserialize bytes from Postgres. of_bytes needs that the bytes starts with 'T' (DataRowDescription) field in order to operate as normal. The DataRowDescription field is used by the deserializer to know which fields that exist in what order. This means that the record could start with field id and name as order but the message from postgres don't need to be in that order. Serde Postgres expect to get the data back in the binary format